The Songs of Ascents

Exile. Weeping. Hope. Nearness. Jerusalem. Promise. Children. David. Trust. Calm. Messiah. Peace. Life. Worship. Forever.

Psalms 120–134 are known as the Songs of Ascents. It’s my second favorite stack of psalms in the psalter, for one, simply because they’re amazing; and second, because they’re so relevant for our lives in the 21st century. They have so much to say to us compulsively-mobile, hyper-busy, grossly-distracted Americans (and perhaps especially to us Millennials). 

At Cities Church we just finished a series through the Ascents for Advent. I preached five of the 15 psalms, commenting on the others along the way. 

With Us on the Way (Psalm 120–121)

Until a Child Is Born (Psalm 127)

Hope in God (Psalm 131)

The City of the Messiah (Psalm 132)

Eternal Joy (Psalm 134)